7 Best Black Cat Breeds That You Wish To Have As A Pet

Black Cat Breeds

According to research, the adaptation rate of black cats by rescues is highest. It took a long time for black cat breeds to gain love, but now they are adored most. Black cat seeks your attention and, in return, will give you lots of love. 

A famous proverb says: “The secret to happiness is simple, beloved by a fabulous black cat.”

Black cats are the cats with the fur of black color. They may be from a particular cat breed or maybe just domestic. All fluffy black cats typically have black coats, black soles, and bright eyes that make them stand out. Sunlight affects the skin of a black cat, and it changes to light brownish shade. 

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We all know the common myths about the miserable black cats. Black cats had a rough time in the past. They had a lousy reputation, supposed as bad omens, portrayed as witches. But now the positive trend is that these myths are now being replaced with more acceptance and appreciation. 

Black Cat Breeds

Black cats have diversity in their breeds. Let’s look at the 7 most unusual breeds of the black cat that you may have wished to keep as a pet.

1. Bombay Cat BreedBlack Cat Breeds

The appearance of the Bombay breed is stunning. The copper-colored big, bright eyes and shiny body are their unique features. Bombay cats have a velvety coat that requires owners little attention to stay in a presentable way. 

These black cats are amiable, and their activity level is very high. As they stay alert, they are very active, playful, and jolly. At some times, they may surprise you by the cleverness in their attempts.Bombays are attention seekers and will not respond to you appropriately if you give them proper attention.

The black cats of this breed are easily attached to people and families. They kept on following you and will keep an eye on all your activities. I hope this feature of them has depicted their intelligence level to you. 

Bombays are a hybrid of Burmese and American shorthair. The color of the eye of American Bombays is copper, gold, or orange, while British Bombays have golden or green colored eyes.

2. American Curls (Long and short-haired)

Black Cat Breeds

The cats of American curls breed good muscles. They have comparatively large, walnut-shaped eyes. Their eye color may vary and have no relation with the color of their coat.These black cats have long bodies and expected to live almost 13-15 years of life.

Curls can have different patterns and may be extended or short-haired. They have a relatively short temperament and are easy-going cats. They don’t require a lot of attention, and also the activeness of these cats is normal.

Generally, these cats do not have any health problems, but they may have ear infections in some cases.The cats of this breed are known because of their naughty behavior. If you want to have a pet from this breed, get ready for more fun.

3. Exotic Cat Breed

Black Cat Breeds

It is the most popular black cat breed. Cats of the exotic breed have round and large eyes that give a beautiful expression to their face. The eye color of all exotic black cats is usually copper, but it may vary according to coat color. 

Exotic cats are playful, smart, and active. They are also very loyal and affectionate towards the people around them. These exotic black cats always welcome hugs and cuddles. Genetically they are linked to Persian cats and have short coats. The short coat gives you an advantage that you need less time for combing and grooming your cat. 

But keep in mind that exotic cats are unhealthy, so if you have your pet from this breed or are going to have a pet, be careful about hygiene.

4. Persian Cat BreedBlack Cat Breeds

Persian cats have been around us for 125 years, and this breed has been tagged as a favorite breed since 1871. The black cats of this breed have large round eyes, and eye color may be brown gold or gooseberry green. Persian cats are well mannered and well-balanced cats. These cats give cute expressions and never stop to win the hearts of their owners.

Persian cats do not beg for your attention like other breeds, but when you do not give them some affection, they express their feelings. This breed requires more grooming and more maintenance to stay in a presentable manner. At times they may also need grooming professionally.  

5. Selkirk Rex Cat 

Black Cat Breeds

The cats of the Selkirk Rex breed have large and rounded eyes that give prominent expressions. Selkirks are healthy and have high weight because of the dense bones they are having.

Never mind if you like short hair or long hair coat cats Selkirks come in both the ways. Their coat is soft and curly. The curliness, however, varies depending upon the season, gender, and age. They also have hair coats of all the types, i.e., down, guard, and awn.

These black cats love to take affection from your side and enjoy it when you play with them. But the cats of the Selkirk Rex breed do not crave for attention. They are very patient and even-tempered. They easily get adjusted in between other communities and enjoy everyone’s company.

6. Oriental Cat Black Cat Breeds

These black cats are loved badly because of the different and attractive patterns of their body. They have good muscles, and that makes their body structure perfect. You will be amazed to know that the orientals can have 300 unusual and different combinations of patterns and colors in which they appear.

Oriental cats have almond-shaped eyes with a medium-sized body. The size of the fur decides whether it is Longhair Oriental or Shorthair Oriental.

If you have a busy routine and can’t give full time to cats, this breed is not for you as Orientals are extremely intelligent and full of energy. They always need someone beside them to provide them with the company. Oriental cats are one of the common breeds that are always waiting for you on your door. 

They have athletic bodies that keep them active all the way. These cats are sharp, and if you ignore Orientals, they will be extremely hurt, so be aware.

7. Ragamuffin Cat Black Cat Breeds

This breed of a black cat is one of the family cats. Ragamuffins have large eyes that are incredibly expressive. These cats have long bodies and seem bulkier than they are. These cats have coats as soft as silk. The coats need daily brushing to keep it tangles free. Ragamuffins can listen carefully and give a response. They are not difficult to deal with and get easily adjusted to all the routines.

The nutrition of Ragamuffins needs to be controlled to maintain their body shape. Also, the cats of the Ragamuffin breed require some good exercise that will keep them active. 


Above mentioned are some of the fantastic black cat breeds. Let us know the cat from which breed you will like to have as a pet.

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