Balinese Cat Breed- Profile That Will Make You Fall In Love

Balinese Cat Breed

Cat has been most famous as a social companion of humans and is loved unconditionally by them. These pets are just a unique addition in our families, and our relationship with them is from centuries. Humans and cats support each other in any way; cats eat mice, and humans, in return, give cat extra love and affection.

Out of hundreds of breeds, the Balinese breed is one of the most attractive races unique in its tapering lines and silky coat. This medium-sized cat has delicate bones yet slender body.

Balinese cats have a very high potential for activities and are known for their intelligence, friendly nature, and absolute beauty. The athletic body of this long-haired breed is strong and muscular.

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History of Balinese Cat Balinese Cat Breed

They are called Balinese because of the graceful dancers on the island of Bali, Indonesia. It was the breeders’ view that the cat’s elegance is the same as that of dancers. 

Balinese does not have a long history; it is a long-haired variety of Siamese. They spontaneously appeared in Siamese litters, though Siamese is a shorthaired breed. It is still unknown that this is a result of natural mutation or was crossed intentionally between Siamese and Persian (long-haired) to nurture a cat with desired characteristics. Some people also believe that this cat is long-haired because of natural mutation; it has dominated the recessive gene. Along with that, Turkish Angora, a long-haired breed with a silky coat, is also thought of as one of the breeds used in crossing. 

After the evolution of this breed, people start considering them as an excellent addition to the already available kinds. In the end, they turned out to be the best friends of humans.

Personality of Balinese Cat: Balinese Cat Breed

As Balinese is from Siamese breeds, most of their traits are similar. This breed is outgoing, intelligent, and curious. They are extremely fond of people and have excellent communication skills. These cats are beneficial and love to follow you around the home. They are highly vocal, have chatty personalities, and tell you about who they feel, what they want to have in dinner, and what they love to have. They also want to tell you what hurts them, and this breed wants to be heard. 

Balinese are known for their lively mood; they cheer you up and make you happy; this makes them your best friend. 

They crave your attention and loves to play with you and your toys. It’s better to keep them busy with puzzle games and teaser toys. Because of their sharp minds, they learn tricks quickly, you must never leave them alone without any entertainment. 

If you have a busy routine and cannot give them time to chat, you must think once again before adopting them. Balinese is a social cat that will never disturb you if you are busy, but once you reach home, all they want from you is your attention and love. Two kitties at home is also a good option for keeping them engaged. One of their best quality is this that they go very well with both humans and other animals. 

Responsibilities to consider in the care of a Balinese CatBalinese Cat Breed

Before buying or adopting any cat, a cat owner must consider the responsibilities that you are going to own after that. The care you give to your pet also shows the love and affection towards them.

As far as Balinese is concerned, it is a highly common breed that just kept on craving for your attention. You need to take care of these followings things most importantly: 

  • Balinese has a silky coat that you need to comb two times a week because the hair tangling problem is less, as they shed less. 
  • Please give them a proper bath, but not regularly.
  • You need to check their ears; if they look dirty, wipe them with cotton. 
  • Ensure weekly brushing, as dental hygiene is compulsory.
  • There must be no residues of discharge on the corners of the eye.
  • The litter box must remain clean, as, like all pets, they are concern about their bathroom hygiene.
  • Keep them indoors, as there is a high risk of being stolen by someone if it is taken outside.  

This beautiful cat will keep on adoring us. Which trait of this cat you love the most, do share with us in comments. 


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