Bombay Cat Breed- A Complete Guide On This Tremendous Cat

Bombay Cat Breed

This medium size active and friendly cat loves to watch the world around her. The Bombay is an easy-going cat that anyone wants to have on her lap. This cat has a striking resemblance to the Indian black leopard. 

This tolerant yet energetic cat is smart and loves to play with family and pets. Bombay has got the reward of being the blackest cat in the cat world. Once this cat gets mature, it becomes blacker and shiner.

As you have a glance at Bombay, you can’t guess what is more attractive in his body; black paws, shiny coat, or shiny coat. This cat is deceptively heavy and has a unique walking style. This breed has a nickname of ‘the patent leather kid with the new penny eyes’ because of his golden saucer-like eyes.

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History of Bombay CatBombay Cat Breed

Cat breeders do lots of experiments, trying to make new breeds to achieve the desired variety either by natural genetic mutations or by breed crossing. 

Horner started to work on this in the 1950s, he wanted to have a breed that has structure and look like Burmese, but with entirely black coat and copper eyes like that of American shorthair, the race produced would be similar to that of Indian Black Leopard. To turn this dream into reality, breeders crossed both these and Horner finally got his result a breed with his desired body type and polished coat with copper-colored eyes that never fail to admire his loved ones. 

The cat that was produced was named as Bombay, and this is called so because India is the land of Black leopard, with whom this breed resembles. While this breed is still not very common but they are considered as crowd pleasure for a long time. 

Physical Appearance of Bombay CatBombay Cat Breed

This medium size has a perfect and moderate body that is neither compact nor rangy. Bombay has a muscular body and is heavily bony; it is more substantial than it looks to be. His extensive and long collection is a gift from Burmese. 

The physique of this breed is apple like that means the round shape and have no sharp angles. It is all over round that indicates that head, tips of ear, chin, eye, and feet are round. The ear is of medium size and is placed at a distance, have rounded tips and tilt slightly forwards. Eyes of this breed have a greater depth and color ranges from gold to copper. The face of Bombay is full, and there is a considerable distance between the eyes. The tail of Bombay is neither short nor long and is straight.  Paws are also round and uniquely black, unlike other black cats.

The coat if kept at its proper condition is glossy in-depth black looks like luster and the skin of kittens goes on darkening with age. The way this catwalk is similar to the Indian black leopard, the walk is characteristic. 

Personality of Bombay CatBombay Cat Breed

Have you ever observed a cat sitting on the window side and enjoying the weather? If not, then you must go for a Bombay! These curious cat loves to see the outside world and enjoy the things happening around because of this nature they keep on watching the activities happening around instead of taking part in it, that is, of course, making him a bit lazy. 

Bombay spreads himself wherever he finds love and affection. Like most of the cats, their favorite place in your lap. 

This breed is lighthearted, loving, and is highly vocal. This is a complete balance between Burmese and American shorthair. Because of Burmese, they are people-oriented, smart, and vocal. This cat loves to play a lot with family, pets, and interactive toys, the puzzle toys makes them more intelligent and more talented. 

Bombay have this talent to express their feelings from their eyes and will keep on telling you until you get that. The owner’s attention is the most vital thing in their view, and they can’t help compromising on this. These cats don’t have a favorite person; instead, they love the entire family and seek attention from all the family members equally and love to follow them around the home. 

They’re easy to go personality makes them adaptable to people living in apartments.

Quick Facts about Bombay Cat

You will be surprised to know some interesting facts about this adorable cat. They’re just awesome! 

Bombay Cat Breed

  • Their looks are just an illusion, and it is much heavier than appearance.
  • Bombay is a cat with the wild appearance and domestic, but they do have a wild side.
  • This cat resembles a black leopard that is rotted from India, from here the name was given as ‘Bombay’.
  • These cats are black, the pads of the paw are also black, unlike other black cats.
  • Bombays keep in completing their muscular growth until two years after their birth. 
  • They are warm-seekers, as their comfort zone is where there is the heat they peacefully rest in sunlight.
  • These cats enjoy burrowing, and they love snuggling with their owner on the bed.
  • The best thing that we all love to have in our pets is that it requires minimal grooming, weekly brushing is enough for him.  


The love for Black cats is always in our hearts, but Bombay is a special one. Share your experience with a black feline, which characteristics of this adores you the most. 

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