Nebelung Cat- Personality That Will Admire You

Nebelung cat breed

A new and relatively rare cat breed, Nebelung is a closed relative of Russian Blue. Both of them look the same, but in actual they are entirely different breeds. Have you ever confused about these two varieties? 

This cat is a longhaired version of Russian Blue, and some of the characteristics and genes are also similar, but most of them are unique. Nebelung is famous for its thick blue shimmering coat that floats over the body and makes this cat just adorable. Other then the beautiful silky fur coat their affectionate personality is also their recognizable feature. This cat has won the heart of millions of people by their attractive traits that include elegant movements, mild-mannered, loving, and a people pleaser. 

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If you are planning to adopt this graceful cat, then rush to the nearest rescue or shelter. Before selecting the cat, you should give a read to this writing.

History of Nebelung CatNebelung cat breed

Nebelung is a new breed that has a unique name because of its beautiful and silvery blue coat, and the name comes from German language meaning ‘creature of the mist’.

This cat has a fascinating history that will surely make you amazed. In 1980, Cora Cobb a lady who was a computer programmer gave her son a pleasant of a cute domestic kitten that was shorthaired named Elsa. Later on, Elsa was crossbred with a Russian blue male, and as a result, litter had a kitten with long blue hair. Cobb was curious about this kitten and kept him separate, and it was named as Siegfried.

After some time Elsa gave birth to a female kitten with long blue hair that was named Brunhilde. Siegfried and Brunhilde were the first two cats that were the base of Nebelung. Cora then decided to crossbred both of these and designed a breeding standard for these two cats, that were the same as Russian blue except that they had a long coat.

After that Nebelung was awarded with a status of a breed and soon gone fame.

Personality of Nebelung CatNebelung cat breed

Nebelung is famous because of its mild and calm nature. The gentle life of the cat is his one side the other side will make you a shock. In the beginning, he is shy, but once you become his friend, he will never stop jumping on your shoulders and will never let your lap free. They are shy in front of strangers even they try to hide from any visitors.

They don’t get involved with everyone; instead, they choose their family members very carefully. Once picked, they are very loyal to them; all they want from your side is just attention.

This cat is susceptible, and if you fail to give him proper attention, it will make him anxious. It doesn’t mean that they keep on bothering you always rather if you are at work they will keep on playing with their toys and expect you to give your full attention when you come back home.

Nebelung has a perfect sense of humor that would help to keep on making you laugh, but their high self-respect doesn’t allow anyone to make fun of them. The cat gracefully runs around in the house, jumping on the curtains and furniture. They do have an emotional bond with everyone who is around them. A deep bond with this loving cat would be a reward in case you succeed in that.

Physical Attributes Nebelung cat breed

The appearance of Nebelung is very much similar to Russian Blue, but in actual it is different, the significant difference lies in the length of the coat. 

Nebelung has a medium-sized athletic body, and the structure of the body is long, muscles are also well developed. The Head of the animal is wedge-shaped and is in accordance with the length of the body. Because of long hair on its head, it looks rounded, but in actual it is less rounded and more pointed. Skull is flat while the neck is long and thin. Ears are large and are widely placed, and they are also a little bit sharp. The color of the eyes is in the range of green and oval-shaped having medium size. At the time of birth, the eye color of a kitten is different; it gets mature with age. Legs are long, and the tail is longer than the length of the body and paws are rounded. 

The most striking feature of this cat is its silky blue fur coat.  It has a double coat and is very soft and lustrous. Silver tipped guard hairs are present in the coat. The layer of undercoat is fragile and is light blue. Shedding of the coat is moderate.    

Quick Facts Nebelung cat breed


These exciting facts of Neblung will amaze you. 

  • It is often related to Russian Blue, but in actual it is an entirely different breed.
  • These cats are rare, and the gene pool is also less. To increase the diversity in them, they are often bred with Russian Blue also.
  • Neblung’s behavior is different from other breeds, and their loyalty is often linked to dogs.
  • This cat is considered as one of the most beautiful because of its silky blue coat.
  • They are not comfortable in front of strangers; their owners and family are all they want to have around them.



Which feature of this kitty adores you the most? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments.  


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