Oriental Cat Breed- A Pretty cat to make you excited

Oriental Cat Breed

Looking for a perfect kitty to make your life more excited? Oriental cat is a key! You must go for this cat that has captivating beauty.

The Oriental cat has excellent features and has an elegant body strong and lithe. It has long, tapering lines on his body and coat comes in many different colors. This cat has both the divisions; Shorthair and longhair. The lines on the longhaired cat are softer while on shorthair they are extreme. This breed is considered as the smartest cat, they know how to convey the message because of their athletic nature and vocal behavior. Once he is in your hands, you will be captivated by his beauty. 

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History of the Oriental Cat Breed

Oriental Cat Breed

The Oriental breed came into being by the crossbreeding of many other cat breeds. During World War II, many of the breeds of cats were ar risk one of them was Siamese. The breeders of England wanted to save this cat so they crossbred it with British Shorthairs, Abyssinian, and Russian Blue. They give birth to non-pointed kittens that were bred again with Siamese. In just a few generations, the breeders got the kittens with some difference in color and pattern as Siamese cats, but they have the same body features as Siamese. This became the basis of a new breed called Oriental- all of them were non-pointed. Defining Oriental as a color remake of the Siamese will be perfect.

In the 1970s Oriental was then introduced in the United States, and it gained popularity in no time. In the beginning, Oriental Shorthair was the only variety, but with the subsequent breeding breeders also develop Oriental Longair. Still, Shorthair variety is more common. 

The crossbreeding doesn’t stop here rather it keeps on expanding which resulted in 300 different combinations of colors and patterns.

Personality of Oriental Cat Breed

Oriental Cat Breed

The Oriental cat has many features similar to Siamese. This cat knows how to grab your attention, they speak up loudly when they want to say anything. They are always active and full of energy, their activeness is because of the athletic body that they have. Orientals will keep on climbing and jumping on the walls, drawers, or whatever comes in their way. 

They are smart cats and can be trained quickly without any problem. They are highly social and love to spend most of their time with the people around them. These cats love to follow you around the house and will also greet you on the door when you are back. Orientals being the lap cats enjoy cuddling with their favorite people. This cat is demanding, choose them only if you are up for a talky pattern. Oriental breed may become depressed over it if they are left alone.  

For the wellbeing of a happy and healthy life, all they need is your attention. In return, they will give you lifetime loyalty, love, and affection. You will never find them out of the words, they are always ready for an intelligent conversation.

Physical Appearance of Oriental Cat Breed

Oriental Cat Breed

Oriental is a cat with a long body and elegant features. This breed has a long and svelte body. They have strong muscles and firm bones. The head is long triangle-shaped and is in good proportion to the body with a long and slender neck. It has large, pointed ears that are broad at the base.  The nose is straight and long and is in accordance with the wedge. Eyes are perfectly placed in a balance with the wedge and are almond-shaped. The color of the eye may vary.    

The legs of this cat are slim and long. Hind legs are a little bit higher than the front legs. The tail is long, thin, and tapers to the point, while of longhair variety the tail is longest and is bushier. The coat of longhaired variety is medium in size and is super silky and fine with no undercoat. On the other side, the coat of shorthair Orientals is short, fine and is shiny and it lies close to the body. The color of this beautiful coat has a wide range, it has 300 different patterns this is the reason it is also called Rainbow Cat.  

Interesting Facts About This Chatty Kitty

Oriental Cat Breed

Here are some of the interesting facts about this cat.

  1. No other breed has this much variety in color and pattern as Orientals has. Whatever pattern and color you can think of, they have that. Because of this feature, they are also known as Ornaments
  2. They are considered Hypoallergenic; no cat could be truly hypoallergenic but they are more than other breeds.
  3. The smartest and the most intelligent breed you will ever meet in the cat’s world. Their curiosity makes them stand out from many others. 
  4. This colorful cat always wants to be the center of attention.
  5. Always fun-seeking and loves to put a smile on their loved one’s faces by their mischief acts. This makes them born entertainers. 
  6. The best thing about them is that they require less grooming and can be maintained easily.

If you have time for this chatty kitty then you must own this. And tell us in the comments that what you like the most about Orientals. 

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