Savannah Cat Breed- Traits That Will Make You Fall In Love With Her

Savannah Cat Breed

Want to go for a walk with a wild species? Savannah is a perfect partner for that!

Savannah is the breed of domestic breeds of cats that were originated in the 1980s. This breed got famous in no time because of the dignity and honor given to it. The wild like Savannah has an appearance that is similar to cheetah, and eyes are loud and expressive that are prominent in the face, huge ears, and long legs that make him an excellent jumper and climber. With all these striking features, the coat color is also vibrant that added a plus point in his beauty.   

Savannah is the hybrid between African Serval and a domestic cat. The cat also looks like a smaller version of this wild Serval as Savannah is much smaller in size than this wild cat. 

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Different Generations of Savannah Cat

The different generations of Savannah are categorized as F, from Foundation Savannahs, and also a number is given along with that which indicates how many generations the cat is from the Serval. The first generation removed from the African Serval is termed as F1, the second one is F2 and this goes on. The breed became Purebred in 2012. the foundation generations of Savannah are: 

  • F1 Savannah Cat
  • F2 Savannah Cat
  • F3 Savannah Cat
  • Purebred Savannah Cat

History of Savannah CatSavannah Cat Breed

As you put the first glance over the Savannah, you might think that it has been taken straight from the wildlife, you are not wrong!  You will find a history of the quiet interesting. 

A Serval that was named as Ernie was taken by a breeder Judee who lives in the US. The breeder also had a Siamese, and surprisingly in the litter, he saw a kitten by Ernie, that was different than both the parents. He named it Miracle. That kitten was the F1, and later on, named as Savannah because of its African heritage. The first generation has traits of both African Serval and of Siamese that is the domestic cat.

This breed is a relatively new one, but because of its unique features, the cat got a reputation very quickly. Still, Savannah is not readily available everywhere, and some countries restrict it as it has wild like appearance. Before adopting this cat, you must see the guidelines of your country related to it. 

Personality of Savannah CatSavannah Cat Breed

As evident from his looks, this cat does not have any traits similar to the domestic cat. Savannah is an excellent hunter, thanks to Serval, his parent. In hunting his big ears support him the most and due to this he can have lots of meals per day. Unlike other felines hunting rate his rate is double, he rarely misses any chance. You will never find them cuddling up, on your lap, or waiting for you or your food.  

He is also playful, energetic, intelligent, and adventurous like a domestic cat. They will do anything to take your attention and will love to play with you. These cats are curious and will love to entertain themselves with puzzle games and toys. Because of their sociable and friendly nature, these cats are perfect for the people who are dog lovers. 

These engaging pets are excellent companions for their owners and immediate family members. The personality of these cats also depends on who they are raised. Their high intelligence and super-active nature require an owner who also has a dynamic personality. Because of their high energy level, exercise is essential to maintain the health of the Savannah.

The personality of the Savannah majorly depends on the generation. F1 to F7 all have different traits and characteristics, though F1 has more wild personality as compared to F2, F3, and so on.  

Physical Appearance of Savannah CatSavannah Cat Breed

The look of Savannah is a combination of wild African Serval and a domestic cat. It appears more significant because of its height, but in actuality, it is medium-sized. They have a muscular body with a long, slender neck and a triangular head.  Ears are large, rounded, and cupped and are placed at the top of the head. The hearing capability of this feline is more than other felines. Eyes are hooded shaped and have better vision than others; this helps them in hunting. In proportion to bodies, their legs are very long, and because of this feature they’re sometimes called ‘giraffe cats’. 

The coat’s color may vary from brown to black and have a pattern like marble or maybe like colors diluted. But overall appearance mainly depends on the generation and vary accordingly. 

Interesting Facts about Savannah Cat

Some of the exciting facts of Savannah will amaze you.

    • To reach its actual size, it may take up to 3 years.
    • Their jumping ability is just beyond amazing and is an excellent climber.
    • They do have a wide range of vocalizations, that could be from domestic or wild heritage.
    • The back legs of Savannah are longer than the front leg.
    • Savannah is considered as a giant domestic cat that came into being by hybrid.
    • They have a temperament that is similar to a dog, in loyalty and affection.
    • Unlike other cats, these felines have tons of energy, and they don’t like to nap all the time.
    • These cats love to play with water and enjoy a lot
    • They cost more than other felines, before adopting them you need to have ownership of them too



Which trait of Savannah do you admire the most? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments. 

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