A Full Profile On Singapura Cat Breed That Will Make You Amazed

Singapura Cat Breed

The tiniest breed in the world having a big personality is the Singapura breed. Out of all the domestic cats, this is the smallest breed, and the kitty is just micro-sized.  Have you ever seen a micro cat? It’s just adorable!

The first look of this breed is attractive, but the personality will make you fall in love with him; this makes him favorite of all the family. He is always the center of attraction because he remains in the middle of all the actions.  Singapura is a powerful and muscular breed having lots of personalities. The curiosity, loyalty, and good health of this cat make him an excellent choice for an unforgettable pet. 

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Along with his diminutive size, the unique color of this breed is also a notable character. This breed has only one color, a sepia-toned coat that has light and dark bands on it. By just looking at a cat, you can’t say whether it is a cat or a kitty, always successful in making you fool.!

Let’s dive into the superb details of this cat having a charming personality. 

History of Singapura CatSingapura Cat Breed

In 1970 the cats were found from Singapore, Singapura is also rooted from there. The cats of Southeast Asian usually have a tabby gene is dominant, and tabby patterns are common in these cats. Cats having agouti are also ordinary there, and it looks like they have some relation with Siamese and Burmese cats. All the brown cats that were small and have a ticked coat were considered as Singapore. 

From the cross between Abyssinian and Burmese gene, Singapura is discovered. The brown color he got from Burmese and the ticked tabby gene from Abyssinian. A study also shows that genetically there is no significant difference between Singapura and Burmese.

Physical Attributes of Singapura CatSingapura Cat Breed

The body of this animal is muscular and somehow stocky. The neck is short and thin while the skull is all over round though there is a minute curve below eye level. Chin of the Singapura is wholly developed, and ears are large and full; they are also pointed. Their eyes are the most expressive part of their body that are just placed perfectly and are large, shape is like almond, and it is wide open, slightly slanted. The color of the eye may be yellow, green, or hazel while the outline is always black. 

Legs of this animal are heavily muscled and tail having a sharp tip is not too long and is shorter than the length of the body. The pads of the paw are dark brown.  The coat lies very close to the body, is smooth with a silky texture and short having the bands of brown and black in each hair. 

Personality of Singapura CatSingapura Cat Breed

The small body is just an illusion about her personality, she seems to be delicate, yet she is very patient and reliable. She is always high on energy without bothering this that what time it is. Whatever you are doing, she is always in the center, and at times she will surprise you by sitting just beside you. Because of their muscular body, they are excellent jumpers, climbing on the curtains or your shoulders is their most favorite activity. They love to explore the world around them. 

.Although this cat doesn’t have a loud voice, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to get attention because their mischievous actions speak louder than anything. He starts playing as he gets mature and keep their childish behavior until adulthood. 

To accompany you, they can even leave their activities, and this makes them a very affectionate friend of his owner. They love to greet people and even strangers. Whatever they find interesting, they get curious about that and start pondering over that. 

Singapura always demands you to involve her in your activities, even in household chores. They usually don’t get bored and allow you to do your work, and they keep on waiting for you patiently. Singapura’s happy place is human contact. They are friendly and easy-going, but you shouldn’t expect them to stay in one place for a longer interval. Singapura is easily irritated by loud noises, and when they have to face such a situation, they get mad.

Fun Facts about Singapura Cat Singapura Cat Breed

Never mind if it is tiny, you will be shocked when you read some quick facts about this amazing personality. Let’s start this. 

  • The standards of the breed are rigorous, most importantly, when we talk about the color of a coat, the cat having a coat with sepia color and the tabby gene is only considered Singapura.
  • These cats find their comfort in your lap, and they are never thought to be as crowd pleasures. 
  • The smallest breed in the world it is, and this cat reaches complete development after two years of birth.
  • This is the only breed that comes only in one color, quite surprising!
  • The tabby M shape is marked on the forehead of Singapura. 


Which characteristics of this stunning cat admires you a lot? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments. 

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