Snowshoe Cat Breed- Facts And Traits That You Need To Know

Snowshoe Cat Breed

If you want a different cat as a pet, then Snowshoe is the one. This relatively new and rare breed with beautiful blue eyes looks stunning.  These cats are named as so because of their unique characteristics of four white paws that look like snow boots. The snow boot paws distinctive them from others and just flawlessly fits in their personality. 

The medium-sized cat has characteristics of his parents, American Shorthair and Siamese. The combination of them sets apart the Snowshoe from other breeds. Their traits are entirely different, but there is a similarity in appearance. The sweet nature of this breed will just perfectly fit in your family. The features that feline lovers find pleasing and delightful are present in this kitty. She wants you to cuddle with you and to share the love. 

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This breed was produced accidentally, but now it has its right and is gaining popularity day by day because of his distinctive markings and closed blue eyes. 

History of Snowshoe CatSnowshoe Cat Breed

An American breeder in the 1960s suddenly found three kittens with white paws in her litters. The kittens that she discovered had striking pointed markings as in Siamese. At the very time, she decided to have a cross, and cross the Siamese with a shorthaired cat. This cross results in a stunning breed that was having white markings on the paws, chest, and face whoever the legs, ear, and tail have a relatively darker color with pointing on it. 

This breed is still scarce; one of the reasons behind its slow rise is that producing such breeds with preferred patterns and markings is not as easy it is because markings are one of the recessive genes. Another reason is this, the ancestral history of Snowshoe cannot be traced because of its poorly kept records.  

Personality of Snowshoe Cat:Snowshoe Cat Breed

This cat, with a playful personality, loves to play all the time. To get your attention, she can do anything, even the silliest of the actions. She loves people and is not a loner cat, enjoying the company of people, and other pets make them happiest. But they usually have one personal favorite, and the lucky one will also find a constant companion that is extremely loyal. The nature of the snowshoe cat is very moderate and gentle. 

This breed is highly unusual; this cat is considered as Mom, as he always keeps checking you like your mother. Snowshoe cat never fails to make you laugh because of his funny personality and entertains you at every moment. She might be shy for the visitors but is always smart and affectionate. They love to greet you on the door and will open the door for you. 

If you are planning to have this cat, then be ready for lots and lots of conversations that you will be having with her. She will tell you all the details of her day and also complaints to you about her meals or someone’s aggressive behavior.

She loves to snuggle with you and to take your love she will softly give you a message by touching your paws, or by some other action. She is never out of words and actions. 

Physical Appearance of Snowshoe CatSnowshoe Cat Breed

Much of the looks of Snowshoe is similar to that of the Siamese. This beautiful breed has white markings on its chest, face, and feet. It is a medium-sized cat with strong muscles. The Head of the cat is broad and triangular, and it is perfectly balanced with the rest of the body. Ears are also large and triangular, and tips are slightly rounded while the nose has a proper length and the forehead is just flat.

Ears, tails, legs, and face sometimes have black points over it. Patterns vary from cat to cat. The pads of the paws that may darken with age can even turn to brown color. Kittens, when born, have a completely white body and markings start to appear within some weeks. The pattern on the body each kitten is unique, and it does not match with others. The color of the body is light except some parts that are darker in color as legs, face, and tail. In Snowshoe cat, there is no undercoat visible if it is seen, it means that there is some fault in the cat. The coat of the cat also changes because of different factors; one of the main reasons is a season. 

Quick Facts about Snowshoe CatSnowshoe Cat Breed

This cute little cat has some interesting facts that will never fail to amaze you. Let’s have a look.

  • Kittens, when born, are white and the color gets better with age. 
  • They don’t have a single lineage, and instead, it’s multiple! With time, the breeders change their breeding combination, and genes present in them is a blend. 
  • Whatever the gene is their eye color always blue, it may vary in range, but it’s blue. 
  • ‘Snowshoe’ this name comes from the markings they have in their body and also because of the paws that are white and look like a shoe of snow. 
  • Although the research on this cat is going on, history is still a mystery. 
  • They always keep one person as their best friends and attachments are primary for them. 


Don’t forget to share with us which feature of this kitty admires you the most. 

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