Somali Cat Breed- Quick Facts That Will Shock You

Somali Cat Breed

Abyssinian has been our favorite breed for a long time, but like me, you also might want to have a longhaired version of Aby, and here we have a sibling of that, named as Somali. 

 It is a well-balanced medium-sized cat and has well-developed muscles. Somali looks like a foxy lady who has wild looks and is very active. This cat enjoys its life to the fullest, is lively and loves to take part in every activity happening in their surroundings. This cat is known because of its extraordinary high intelligence and curiosity. It has a unique tickling pattern in its look that makes it stand out from other breeds, and after its creation takes no time to become famous. 

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History of Somali CatSomali Cat Breed

A longhaired version of Abyssinian is Somali cat. The longhaired breed was initially introduced in Britain, and after that, this was exported to America and Europe. Robert Napier brought a cat in Britain named Zulu, that cat is the root of Abyssinian as well as Somali.

The Abyssinian breed was produced as his cat was bred with random cats. After that, in the litter of Abyssinian, some longhaired kittens were seen, and some of the breeders got their desired breed in a very unexpected manner. So in the 1960s, the breeders intentionally produced a longhaired version of Abyssinian named Somali. 

The adorable ticked coat of Abyssinian was most desirable, and the same was seen on the Somali. That tickling pattern is similar to the pattern of a coat of wild rabbit. 

Because of its lovely personality, stunning look, and natural care Somali took no time to hold it in our hearts. They soon become popular in Australia.  

Personality of Somali CatSomali Cat Breed

Somali is all time active cat that is always high on energy. This cat is easy going and loves to be around people and other animals. This animal is highly social and always wants someone around him. The best thing about them is that they have a very soft and quiet voice.

 These cats are brilliant and have a very calm nature, they are a bit shy but knows very well how to deal with other humans and animals. When they are taken outdoor for workout and exercise, they enjoy that.

This cat knows how to make his life entertaining and challenging. He climbs higher and jumps farther like a wild animal. His sense of humor is beyond amazing; you can’t guess what his next step is and what he will do further. The Somali is always active, and it looks like he never sleeps. One time you see them at the top of the window, and the other minute they are on their lap. This playful cat wants to be the center of attention and loves to play with interactive toys and puzzle games.

Doing funny acts is in the cat’s nature, but mischievous amusement by active minds is unique to Somali. They love to have good food and empty the food dishes quickly. They are not lapping cats, but all that matters for them are your presence around them. Their sweet and soft voice is their distinctive character.

Thanks to Abyssinian and nature that blesses us with this beautiful addition to our family. 

Physical Attributes of Somali CatSomali Cat Breed

The graceful body of Somali is medium-sized and has well-developed muscles. The back of the body is not exactly straight; rather, it is slightly arched. Chin is well balanced while the head of the cat is all over round. The large and broad ears are somehow pointed and are always alert. Eyes of Somali are highly expressive, sincere, and are almond-shaped while the color of the eye is green or gold. The neck is susceptible yet graceful. The head has smooth contours over it. 

Legs are small, long that ends with oval-shaped paws with a single color. The tail of the animal is brushy and thick at the base. The coat is magnificent and soft with double coating. 

You will be amazed to know that Somali is popular because of its ticking pattern; this means there are three to four bands in each hair, and at the tip is the darkest color. Not all the body has ticked hairs, only certain parts of the body have that. Uniform color is observed inside the legs and in the chest. These cats show full color after two years of their birth. The Agouti effect of this animal is similar to a  wild rabbit.   

Quick Facts about Somali CatSomali Cat Breed

This stunning cat has some amazing facts that will drive you crazy, have a look over that!

  • The appearance of Somali looks like he is standing on the tip-toes. 
  • The coat of this animal has a ticky pattern and is unique. 
  • Because of its long hair, it looks like high maintenance would be required to keep this animal in a presentable manner. But to your surprise this cat needs very less grooming, weekly brushing is enough. 
  • Their small cute paws have strong power and can even hold the things, and food can even open the cabinets.
  • Somali is always up for all sorts of activities; even if he is sleeping and wants to play with him, she warms up very quickly.
  • This cat loves height; that is why they never miss anything and enjoy everything by sitting at the top.
  • Leaving Somali alone at home could be a high risk for you, be aware!


Cats have always been our favorite pets, but out of all the breeds, some are unique in their looks and personality, one of them is Somali. What feature of this cat inspires you a lot? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments. 


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