The Best 5 Hairless Cat Breed- The Baldness You’ll Praise

Top Hairless Cat Breeds

Suffering from cat allergies, but still can’t help owning a feline friend? A hairless cat breed is a perfect option for you. These breeds are beautiful examples of a proverb “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

These are the result of genetic mutations and are becoming very popular across the globe. It is quite common that cat owners are tired of their hair everywhere, so hairless breeds of cat resolves the issue. You will be happy to have them as you need little maintenance and grooming. But these cats require special care as their bodies are more exposed, and sunburn issues are more than other breeds; this makes them indoor cats.

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Hairless Cat Breeds!

This breed is a strange new type with an eye-catching appearance. Top 5 hairless breeds are mentioned below. 

1. Sphynx Cat Top Hairless Cat Breeds

No doubt, this is one of the most popular hairless cat breeds, which originated from Canada. They seem to be hairless, but they might be having beautiful hair on their body. Their hairless nature does not make them non-hypoallergenic as they still produce dead skin cells. 

This breed is medium-sized and is nicely muscled. They have a striking appearance, wrinkled skin and large ears like that of a bat. Sphynx is famous for her intelligence and curious personality. They are very playful and love to gather attention, sometimes acting like dogs. This friendly, loyal breed is an exclusively indoor cat. The fur in the animal’s body absorbs oil, as Sphynx does not have that, so they must be bathed frequently. 

2. Peterbald CatTop Hairless Cat Breeds

This elegant breed is one of the highly desired breeds but is not very common. Originated from Russia, all the cats of this breed are not hairless. At the time of birth, kittens usually have coats that shed within one to two years. 

They have classical ears, and large round eyes make them extra attractive. Peterbald is an athletic breed that is exceptionally energetic and smart. They love to form bonds with their family members. This super social feline goes well with children, adults, and other pets, but they can never live alone.  Peterbald loves to learn new tricks and is very affectionate. They are highly vocal and keep on talking with you, even at times that will ask you about your day. So, what else you need in a companion!

3. Minskin CatTop Hairless Cat Breeds

Cross of Sphynx and Munchkin makes this breed. Minskin is derived from ‘miniature’ and ‘skin.’ It is the newest of all breeds and is also the smallest one. Minskin has patches of fur in their body, but their belly is always hairless, this makes their shedding minimal. 

Roundhead, large eyes, and short legs are features of Mini Skins’ stocky body. These cats are very affectionate and engaging. They do silly acts to make themselves adaptive to new surroundings. They love to greet you at your door and could go out of the way to gain your attention. It is almost impossible not to fall in love with them.

4. Donskoy CatTop Hairless Cat Breeds

This Russian cat is unique in the way that he can grow a winter coat on its own. They may be born hairless or with hair that sheds in the ages. Donskoy has gained fame by being the gentlest breed as they lack aggressive nature, which means that when some animal attacks them, they can’t defend themselves.

The Donskoy has stunning eyes and elegant ears with a wrinkled appearance. These cats are strong-boned and have a pear-shaped fat belly. They are very challenging, which means you must provide them with an environment where they can explore new things. The cat loves to be handled by humans and are incredibly friendly and easy to go. 

5. Elf CatTop Hairless Cat Breeds

This hairless breed is a result of Sphynx and American Curl. The name Elf comes from their cute curled ears that are a distinctive trait of American Curl. They have a striking wrinkled appearance, mostly around the head and neck. 

Elf has large walnut-shaped eyes and ears with curled tips. They have a calm personality and are quite friendly and will love to explore. This extroverted cat makes extensive efforts to gain your attention.

Hairless cat breeds have always gained a special place in our hearts. Baldness can be beautiful too! Feel free to share with us which breed you love the most.  

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