The Best 7 Long Haired Cat Breeds That Will Be A Perfect Choice

Long Hair Cat Breeds

Having an animal that is not wild but looks wild, would be a fantastic experience for you! The first sight of long-haired cats looks like a tiger, but this tiger would be on your lap. Do you have a four-legged beautiful hairy friend? That’s good news for you because he can be a show stopper on a catwalk event.

Long-haired cats are extra silky and soft, but not all of you will like to have them as their good friends. They have two to six inches long hair and have to comb daily to avoid mat and tangles. Also, some people might have allergies because of the shedding of long hair. If you are a busy person and love to have this breathtaking cat, add grooming in your task list. 

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Long Haired Cats!

The long hair going past the shoulders makes the long-haired cats all the way beautiful. If you want to know which feline you should be having as a pet, then explore the below-mentioned breeds.

1. Himalayan Cat BreedLong Hair Cat Breeds

The most astounding fact of this breed is that Himalayans are human-made breeds. It is a cross between Persian and Siamese. But out of Siamese and Persian, Himalayans are the best.

Himalayans have light-colored bodies but have different colors of point color. The shades of point color have a wide range. They have dramatically beautiful blue eyes that add beauty to their hairy body. Himalayans have muscular bodies with strong legs. 

Himmies love to settle in the serene environment. If you show your love towards them, they receive your love and return tenfold. They have great affections for their owner but get hesitated in front of strangers. You will never find them jumping on your shoulders or curtains as they don’t have silly nature. Himalayans enjoying style is to take a nap on your lap. 

Himalayans will not disturb you for attention; instead, if you are not at home, they will just adore the things they find at home. They have less potential for playfulness.

2. Norwegian Forest Cat Breed

Long Hair Cat Breeds

Norwegian Forest cat looks like a giant as it has a large and athletic body. They have a robust body with muscular thighs. Norwegians almond-shaped round eyes add beauty in their face. These cats are known because of their long, thick, double coat. Norwegians coat has distinctive features: it gets lighten or darken according to the season, the skin is water-resistant and protects the cat from cold weather.

Norwegian cats are independent and smart cats. They learn quickly and adapt themselves. Like all the other cats, these cats are also fond of climbing, and most of the time, you will find them at the highest point of your house. These cats love to play in the water.

Norwegians will not disturb you by begging for attention, but they tend to express their feelings as more expressive. If you have a busy schedule, then you need not worry as they are going to enjoy themselves.

3. Ragdoll Cat BreedLong Hair Cat Breeds

Ragdolls are the most significant domestic breed of cats.  She is heavily boned and has a large body. The fur on her head makes her head look more prominent. They have distinctively beautiful blue eyes. The coat can be long or semi-long and is silky.

This cat is named so because when the cat is picked up, she relaxes her muscles and gives the appearance of a ragdoll. Ragdolls are highly addicted to hugs. One moment you call her name and the other moment ragdoll is in front of you. She is highly active and responsive. She has no issues with the changing of routine and has easy-going behavior.

If you need some change in your life and search for a good companion, then ragdoll is all you need. You come back from your office, open the door, and she is there on the door to greet you. Ragdolls do not like to jump or climb but rather stay on your level.

The diet of ragdolls needs to be balanced appropriately, and they also need a good session of exercise daily to keep them healthy and avoid fatty abdomen.

4. Birman Cat BreedLong Hair Cat Breeds

Birman cats are famous as “Sacred Cats of Burma.” They have beautiful white paws characterized by blue eyes and a Roman nose. Birman’s best feature is that despite the long coat, they do not mat easily, so you need to care less about the grooming of your cat. 

Birmans are quiet cats but, at times, become aggressive. When you do not give them the attention, they may get jealous. Birman cats don’t have bossy behavior but still want you to involve them in your every activity making them the affectionate breed. If they want you to grab your attention, they will try to communicate with you in a soft tone. Birman will love to relax in your arms.

5. Siberian Cat BreedLong Hair Cat Breeds

An interesting fact about this cat is that the mother of all long-haired cat breeds is grand Siberian. Siberian cats also have this water-resistant triple coat. They have a muscular body with strong-boned legs. Siberians will help you in all your matters and will follow you in your home. 

This cat is patient and will never get on your nerves if you can’t find the time. Siberians are good partners under challenging situations, as their cuddling will lessen your stress. Unlike other cats, they are not shy of visitors; instead, your guests will find them a sympathetic host. 

Siberians are highly active and will love to play mental games.  They have good potential for playfulness and are child friendly. 

6. Turkish Angora Cat BreedLong Hair Cat Breeds

Turkish Angora is the earliest longhair cat in Europe. The capital of Turkish is Angora; this is where the name of this originated. Turkish Angora has long, silky coats that shimmers when he moves. Long legs and small paws make his body stronger. This cat is famous because of its gracefulness. 

If you want to have this cat as a pet, don’t think twice as it is the most extroverted breed of cats with a friendly personality. Also, they have a long healthy life span as compared to other breeds. Turkish people are always surprised by his witty nature. He will go out of the way to grab your attention. The intelligence of this cat will surprise you at the moment. Angora loves to be the center of attention and high affection with families.

It might be a challenge for you to live with this affectionate breed because of his extra desire for attention and hostile behavior. But if the charming personality of Turkish personality admired you, then you might not care for these things.

7. Somali Cat Breed

Long Hair Cat Breeds

Somali is one of the variants of the Abyssinian, shorthair breed of cat.  Her large gold or green eyes enhance the beauty of her muscled body. At times her appearance seems to be matched with a fox; also, her cleverness is similar to a fox. 

Somali lives his life with the full swing making him the affectionate breed. Unlike some other breeds, she doesn’t have acrophobia; instead, she loves to jump and climb higher. Somali cats are highly active, and you will find them doing some activity. 

You better give them some toy or a pet for playing; otherwise, they will try to find her way to enjoy, and that can sometimes result in breaking your items. Somali never likes to spend her time alone.  Somali is a brainy cat, and she may start annoying you once she is addicted to you. 


We have explained the characteristics of some unusual breeds of long-haired cats. Tell us in comments which breed you love the most and what causes you to like that. 

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