Top 5 Best Cat Breeds That Will Be Right Choice For You

Best Cat Breeds In the cat’s world, cats are bearing injustice because of the misconception that cats are selfish and are less friendly than dogs. However, we cannot deny this fact that cats are the most popular pet worldwide. Some of the cats in real life don’t enjoy the company of humans, but still, some breeds of cats badly crave human attention and love to cuddle with them. The affection that cat owners have for his cat is also undeniable. Cats have amazing and versatile personalities. No matter what is nature and which character of cat you admire, you can always have that. Also Read: The Best 5 Hairless Cat Breed- The Baldness You’ll Praise The Best 5 Hairless Cat Breed- The Baldness You’ll Praise

Best Cat Breeds!

For you, we have researched breeds and found out the top 5 best breeds with calm nature and cuddly personalities that are best for all of you. 

1. Maine Coon Cat BreedBest Cat Breeds

Also called “Gentle Giant,” as this breed is one of the largest domestic breeds. Maine Coon is the most popular and oldest cat breed, with extra toes that make it a great hunter. This breed is genuinely affectionate and has dog-like behavior moving on your footsteps and being loyal. The Maine Coon is super social, active, and highly intelligent. The best thing about them is that they don’t demand attention. It is perfect as a family pet and is adaptable. Training the Maine Coon is not a difficult task. You don’t need to take him on a walk every day, as it is easy to go with them.

2. Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed

Best Cat Breeds Exotic cats are most loved because of their affection and loyalty as compared to other feline breeds. The Exotic Shorthair cat is a cross between American shorthairs and Persians. This cat is America’s most popular registered cat. These cats have a gentle personality and follow their owners in their homes. Exotic shorthairs are known for being pleasant, relaxed, and happy. These cats are fun-loving yet sensitive. It is ‘Lazy man’s Persian’ because of the less grooming they require.

3. Abyssinian Cat Breed

Best Cat Breeds These ideal pets for cat lovers are very lively and expressive. Abyssinians are not lapped cats but are very affectionate and loyal; this makes them one of the best breeds. They are people-oriented and mix well with the children and are very active. Abyssinians are excellent climbers, and they enjoy playing in gardens. They have curiosity embedded in their nature that makes them explore their surroundings.  Caring Abyssinian is comparatively more accessible than other breeds. Their dynamic personality makes them dominant and unique.

4. Persian Cat BreedBest Cat Breeds

Considered best because of their gentle personalities and affectionate behavior. They have been around us for a long time and have also gained a lot of fame. Persians own beautiful coats and round eyes. Short and robust legs support Their sturdy body. They enjoy a calm and serene environment. They behave manly with the well-mannered children and get attached to them quickly. They do not show affection to everyone; instead, they are selective in expressing their emotions. To avoid knots and matting, Persians should be groomed at least once a day. 

5. Burmese Cat Breed

Best Cat Breeds These are bulky cats with muscles and dense bones. Burmese are highly active, easily adaptable, and are very curious. These cats are social, independent, and very talkative. A hypoallergenic breed that is a great family cat and is extremely friendly and badly needs attention from you.  Cuddling with you is their entire need. Burmese needs someone for a good company, and of course, the best friend is another Burmese. It feels like Burmese is not growing up because of the same level of entertainment it enjoys. The love they give you is just unconditional and will leave a mark on you.   The cat you love the most is what it makes it best. These are the best cat breeds that have outstanding features. Let us know which cat breed you love the most.   

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