Top 5 Exotic Cat Breeds That Craves To Be With You

Exotic Cat Breeds

Exotic pets exist in wide variety and diversity and are not very common around us. Most of the people are even unaware of these breeds because they are quite rare. Tigers, cheetahs, and lions that are also threatened got the spotlight from the audience, and this causes a decrease in public attention received to cat’s species. Although the personality of an exotic cat is like a domestic bigger cat, and it never fails to melt the cat’s owner’s heart.    

Are you thinking of having an exotic breed as a pet? It’s not as casual as it sounds! There is a huge difference between owning a domestic cat and a wild or exotic cat, and the later one may cause pretty serious consequences. Before having a pet of exotic breed, a license is mandatory.

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Exotic Cat Breeds!

If you are looking for a breed interesting than a traditional breed, then exotic breeds are the best choice, but before this decision should be taken carefully, as it could be life-changing. For you we have a list of distinct exotic breeds, check that out! 

1. Ocelot Cat BreedExotic Cat Breeds

A small beautiful medium-sized, wild cat originated from South America has a long graceful body with strong and sturdy legs. Ocelot is known because it was worshipped in the past; many sculptures of this cat have been found. An excellent climber, swimmer, and jumper this cat is reptiles, birds, fishes and other animals in the diet of these cats.

Ocelot is these days rare in the pet trade and is challenging to maintain as compared to other pets because the training of them is difficult and this endangered species usually not listen to your commands. Owners also get exhausted because of their pungent odor. 

The beauty of ocelots increases the hunting of this cat, leading to near extinction. However, this species is protected but has the status of endangered because of hunting and habitat loss, which are mitigating factors.  The ocelots are not in this much danger as compared to other breeds, though population trend is decreasing, it is still listed in the ‘least concern’ category because of a sufficient number of animals present.

2. Serval Cat BreedExotic Cat Breeds

Large wild exotic cat, most popularly kept in the United States and natively found in African grasslands. It’s very long legs, large ears and short tail makes it similar to leopards. Serval is taken as a pet more commonly than other exotic breeds because it is easy to take care of. 

Serval is a nocturnal animal that loves to hunt in the night time, birds, fish, and small deers are its prey. The high intelligence level of this breed makes them excellent hunters. Leaping high into the air is the unique feature of this superb jumper and runner. This long-lived breed is very energetic and affectionate. 

Increasing demand and loss of habitat are leading to a decrease in the number of this species. Sadly, hunting of this beautiful animal for its fur is the main reason for its decline. To reintroduce these species efforts are being made these days. Saving this animal is quite crucial as its prey are rodents, that are known for contaminating the food of humans. 

3. Geoffroy’s Cat BreedExotic Cat Breeds

World’s smallest wild cat species is Geoffroy’s cat, having the almost same size as a domestic cat. Naturally found in forests, grassland, and wet forests. To produce a hybrid cat, this cat has been used as a tool to cross with a domestic cat.

Geoffroy’s cat can resist extreme weather conditions. This cat is quite shy and has a timid personality; also it behaves according to his moods and becomes aggressive as gets mature.  

Though this cat is not very rare, still research on it has not been done so far. Their diet is flexible, and mild deforestation is not a problem for them, but habitat loss can be threatening. It is crucial to maintain habitat and also to raise awareness for the threats related to hunting and about the correct management of wildlife.

4. Fishing Cat BreedExotic Cat Breeds

The fishing cat is the best swimmer among all the cats globally. This uncommon cat loves to play in the water, and their natural habitat is marshes and other water sources. The exciting thing is that they not only dine on fishes but also the other animals present in the water. Their paws are beautifully designed which helps them to swim and walk on the muddy wetlands without sinking.  

This pet is not very common in the pet trade, though it is an endangered yet protected species. Because of the lack of food sources for them, the population trend is decreasing. Wetland destruction, indiscriminate trapping, and poisoning are some of the significant threats to this cat. 

5. Canadian Lynx Cat BreedExotic Cat Breeds

Canadian Lynx is a medium-sized, thick-haired cat that is initially found in North America. Naturally, they are found in forest and scrublands, and its prey includes small rodents, deers and other animals. Snowshoe hare is his favorite prey; even the population of Lynx is affected by the community of hare. The snowshoe hare population is directly related to the Canadian lynx number; in this way, Lynx helps control the population of its prey. 

The Canadian Lynx is having fewer mood swings but is rather good with strangers. Although they do not form powerful bonds with humans, they are easy to go with. This breed is not endangered or threatened, but the hunting of this cat is legal that leads to hunting threat to this species. The population trend is continuous, and till now it is added in the list of ‘least concern’ species.


Are you planning of having an exotic breed as a pet? Think twice! As it could be a life-changing decision. And license or permit must be taken from authorities before keeping the wild animals at your home. 

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