Top 5 Largest Domestic Cats With Remarkable Personalities

Top Largest Domestic Cat

 All the large domestic cats are descended from African wildcats. They may not resemble a giant, but their size is undoubtedly more extensive than your average pets. For every member of the family, these large breeds of cats are perfect cuddly companions. Although it might become challenging to keep them as a pet, these big domestic cats will share your residence happily.

Our love for kittens is just irresistible but at the same time we all dream of having a big furry cat as our pets. Snuggling up with our tiger or leopard is all that we want to have in our life.

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Large Domestic Cats

If you are looking for a large feline friend, then we have done work of our part for you, check out the list of large domestic cats.

1. Maine Coon Cat BreedTop Largest Domestic Cat

This pet having the award of most giant domestic cat globally were initially kept as farm cats, this is what makes them excellent hunters. These gentle giants are big, really big!

Maine Coon are now commonly found in the houses, because of their striking looks, big size, luxurious coat, and presentable personality. These cats are highly intelligent, and due to their extra affection, they are named as ‘ dogs of the cat world’. These cats are very interactive, love to be around people but are not over-demanding. Maine Coon gets adapted to the situations very quickly, they love to receive attention from people but don’t crave for that. If you’re busy, they will notice you patiently. They felt themselves part of your family and participated in chores as a family member. 

2. Savannah Cat BreedTop Largest Domestic Cat

Reputed as a giant breed, Savannah looks like a cross between a tiger and a leopard. Their gorgeous personality and striking appearance will awe you. They appear more significant than their actual size because of their height. 

Savannah cats are highly energetic, intelligent, adventurous, and playful. If you have other pets at your home, then this pet is not suitable, because of their strong hunting instincts. Unlike other cats, these cats love to play with water and can even be trained to walk on a leash. Because of their wild nature, they may become aggressive sometimes, but overall they have a mild temperament and are perfect companions of humans, dogs, and other pets.

3. Norwegian Forest CatTop Largest Domestic Cat

Originated from Norway, this longhaired, muscular and robust breed having large paws is recognized commonly because of its size and personality. Norwegian forest cat is a plentiful, healthy and loyal cat, their sweet and kind natures match their looks. 

Norwegian takes time to grow, but when grown-up fully, rewards you with all the love and affection. In the first meeting, they are shy but start getting affiliated very quickly. These cats are intelligent, and like everyone they love to be surrounded by people, but if you left them alone, they don’t mind that too. This extrovert breed is fond of playing, and at times shows sudden jerks of energy, that you need to stimulate by providing them with toys or other activities. Norwegian loves to climb and will make you laugh by their mischievous acts.

4. Ragamuffin Cat BreedTop Largest Domestic Cat

Descended from the Ragdoll, this large domestic breed is undoubtedly going to capture your heart because of its adorable personality and looks. Ragamuffin has dense muscle structure, extra long legs, and heavily boned because of which appear more significant than their size. 

Often called as puppy-like because of its friendly personality, this breed has been loving to everyone in the family, and is attached to everyone around them but is very gentle doesn’t go in your limps. They will love you like a child and running your fingers in the rabbit-like fur will surely relax you a lot. He will love to greet you and other visitors on the door and turns out to be an ideal companion for the people living in apartments. 

5. Ragdoll Cat BreedTop Largest Domestic Cat

Weighing much higher than the average domestic cat, Ragdoll is a large, longhaired, most popular breed. This breed has got a reputation because of its striking blue eyes, silky soft coat, and kind nature.

Sweet, happy, and love to have an excellent cuddly session with the owner, these cats are playful, and kids will surely love them. Ragdolls learn tricks quickly and can be trained as per your routine. This lap cat loves humans and will like to be on their shoulders and will happily greet them on the door.  The Ragdoll is an all-around best buddy to almost everyone around them this makes them an excellent companion of all other pets also.


Do you own a large cat, that gives you a feeling of a real-life teddy bear?  If you are not having then choose from this list of the largest domestic cats and make your life happier with a furry friend.


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