Top 5 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds That Will Be Most Friendly

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

Cats have always got a reputation for being most affectionate as compared to other pets. The most common thought that is popular among people is that dogs are more affectionate than cats. But this belief is not as accurate as many kittens are as loving as dogs. Whether your cat is on your lap or waiting for your arrival at the door, their love never stops. 

Relying more on humans is a specific feature of some cat breeds. Affection is also related to a cat’s natural temperament, not only on the breed.  

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Affectionate Cat Breeds!

Not all the breeds are equally loving. Some breeds are more affectionate than others. If you want a most loving cat, then for you, we have collected 5 most affectionate breeds. Let’s have a look!

1. Ragdolls Cat BreedMost Affectionate Cat Breeds

Ragdolls, native to the United States, love to be cuddled and are very calm cats. It is one of the giant domestic cat breeds and has beautiful blue eyes. Their most attractive feature is their cute, silly actions. Because of their traits to be loved like dogs, these cats are also known as puppy cats.  This cat is named so because when the cat is picked up, she relaxes her muscles and gives the appearance of a ragdoll. Ragdolls are highly addicted to hugs. 

Among all the cat breeds, these cats are one with the best manners and the softest voice.  Ragdolls are indoor cats, and they love to play with their companions more than their fellow cats. This makes them great family cats. High tolerance in them makes them more acceptable. Ragdolls love to express their emotions and show how happy they are by their actions. The diet of ragdolls needs to be balanced appropriately, and they also need a good session of exercise daily to keep them healthy and avoid fatty abdomen.

2. Birman Cat BreedMost Affectionate Cat Breeds

Famous as Sacred Cat of Burma, these cats are gorgeous because of their attractive blue eyes and white gloves on their paws. Birmans are fluffy piles of love and are highly affectionate as well as sensitive. They love to be adored and are smart and social pets, don’t like to be alone at home. Birman cats are active and energetic and love to play with their companions, but are quiet when you are busy.  

It is one of the most personable lap cats and is people-oriented more than other breeds. Birmans are quiet cats but, at times, become aggressive. When you do not give them the attention, they may get jealous. Birman cats don’t have bossy behavior but still want you to involve them in your every activity. If they want you to grab your attention, they will try to communicate with you in a soft tone. Birman will love to relax in your arms. Birman’s best feature is that despite the long coat, they do not mat easily, so you need to care less about the grooming of your cat. 

3. Siamese Cat Breed

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

Siamese is known in the cat world as royal felines; they are enjoying this status for centuries. Because of their unusual and distinctive appearance, they have been treasured by royal families in Thailand. Their comfort zone is your lap that makes them more affectionate. 

This chatty kitten loves to tell their owner all about their day. The more you want them to be entertained, it is better to give them more company. Siamese is a very demanding cat breed and craves human attention. These cats are addicted to playing, and this keeps them happy and healthy. You must never leave your cat alone without any source of entertainment. At times you will be amazed to see the cats on your bed under the covers. Keiger says about Siamese: “They have the magic trick of being able to slowly slide into your lap, and their loud purrs of contentment convince you that that is exactly where they should be.”

4. Scottish Fold Cat Breed

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

As the name depicts, its origin is from Scotland. The first thing you will notice in them is their folded ears that are basically because of autosomal mutation. Surprisingly all Scottish folds are born with straight ears that tend to fold as the time passes.

 They have a good reputation for being extremely loving. All they want is to keep looking at you with their big eyes while sitting on your lap. Scottish fold gives adorable facial expressions and love to be with their particular person; this makes them highly affectionate. Scottish fold loves to play and is a moderately active cat. Any activity that has human interaction in it is most enjoyable for them.

5. Ragamuffin Cat Breed

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

These cats are known because of their docile nature. Ragamuffin loves to relax in your arms and their favorite place in your lap. They have quite friendly and affectionate personalities. They love to follow your footsteps, and this makes them extremely loving. Ragamuffins greet the visitors warmly.

Ragamuffins can listen carefully and give a response. They are not difficult to deal with and get easily adjusted to all the routines. The nutrition of Ragamuffins needs to be controlled to maintain their body shape. Also, the cats of the Ragamuffin breed require some good exercise that will keep them active. They love quality cuddling and love to be held in their owner’s arms.

Affectionate cat breeds make one’s life more enjoyable and worth living. The above mentioned are some of those breeds. Let us know which breed you love most.

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