Top 5 Most Friendly Cat Breeds That Will Be Your Perfect Partner

Friendly Cat Breeds

As not all humans have the same personality, the same is the case with cats. Cats are badly reputed as not very friendly and loyal as dogs, but these are merely stereotypes, as some of the breeds of the cat genuinely turn out to be human best friends. Cats by nature are more independent and moody, but when they are in a generous mood, they are highly affectionate towards humans.

You might be having a plan to have a feline friend with you, the first thing that you must consider while choosing the breed is the friendly nature of the cat. In the animal community, some breeds are highly social and affectionate and are as loving as dogs, but there is a rule in their community that the more the love you give, the more you will receive back.

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Friendly Cat Breeds!

For you, we have shortlisted some of the most friendly breeds that you will love to welcome in your home, and will be a new happy family member. 

1. Persian CatFriendly Cat Breeds

Thanks to their loving personality and beautiful coat that makes the most popular breed among cat lovers. They have a very gentle nature and will wait patiently for you for a long time to have a nap on your lap, and this is what makes them ultimate lap cats.

Persian cats love to communicate with you, playing with the partner, and turns out to be an excellent option for cat-loving families. They love to sit quietly on a lap and not very demanding. Persians like people and will run to the door to greet anyone on the door. Talking with their owner is in their personality, but with this, they are also very lazy, sleeps almost 20 hours per day. 

Cats having friendly nature might become aggressive at times, as felines have an unpredictable environment. 

2. Sphynx Cat Friendly Cat Breeds

She was awarded as No.1 friendliest cat breed, as it lives her life for humans. Sphynx receives all the love from humans happily and return them double with extra affection and more cuddles. At times the owner gets surprised because of the unconditional love received from the feline. The sphynx breed is also named as “therapy animal” for both illness and emotional support.

These cats are always available for people and create talking points by themselves, and they are extrovert, energetic, and social butterflies. They do naughty acts and also love to spend time with you in your lap while being very comfortable. You can see them helping you in your chores ad even supporting you to entertain your guests.

These cats are hairless, and this forces you to have good care of them, especially during the harsh climate.

3. Ragdoll Cat Friendly Cat Breeds

To see Ragdoll in the top list of friendly breeds, you must not get surprised, as the name suggests the loving nature of this laidback cat. Ragdoll lives on the attention and affection given by you and rewards you the same. Once you allow her in your life, get ready for lots and lots of cuddles. 

When they find you busy in your routine, they will keep on following you, as they are chill than other breeds. Their love makes you feel like cats could also be as affectionate as dogs, at times called “puppy dogs”. Ragdolls are mild-mannered and get good with humans, but their soulmates are dogs. You will be amazed by the surprise kiss and hugs at any moment given by them.

4. Maine Coon Cat Friendly Cat Breeds

The Maine Coon has an as big heart as its size, which is largest! They are independent and at the same time very loyal with you and adores cuddles sessions with you. 

The gentle giant is brilliant and will always search for some mindful game, and you must keep them busy with puzzle toys. Maine Coon is very vocal with a comparatively high pitch. They are very social and keep on interacting with their owner in a very balanced manner that makes them very friendly breed. Silky soft fur requires a lot of grooming, but spending your time on maintenance will surely strengthen your bond with them. Their gentle nature makes them go well with kids and families.

5. Abyssinians Cat Friendly Cat Breeds

One of the loveliest breeds of cat, you will dream of having in the human version. No matter where you are this best friend will follow you everywhere, joining in the kitchen, snuggle up during movie night, enjoying on your shoulder or lap.

They are super playful and are open to playing with everyone around them. Abyssinians live their life to the fullest by not only attached to one person but being extra social and friendly. Aby knows when to chill and to play, their curious nature lovers to explore the surroundings and will highly participate in the activities taking place around them.


Having a friendly friend can help you to relieve your stress, so if you are still not having that, plan that and enjoy ahead.


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