Top 5 Rare Cat Breeds That You’ll Be Surprised To Know

Top Rare Cat Breeds

You might be very obvious about the common breeds such as American shorthair or Persian, but what about Burmilla or Egyptian Mau. You will find it challenging to recognize the rare breeds. 

The cats that are of lower ranks have lower birth numbers, which in turn makes these cats rare. Around the globe, there are a large number of rare breeds of cats. However, cat breeds are not discussed so much. Most of us call them by their physical features, and you might be hearing from your friend that ‘My cat is of orange color’. 

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Rare Cat Breeds!

Looking at these cats which you may not have seen before will add pleasure in your day. The below mentioned are 5 cutest and purrfect feline friends that you will love to have on your lap.  

1. Burmilla Cat Breed

Top Rare Cat Breeds

The Burmilla is an unplanned breed originated in the United Kingdom, although it is still scarce in the United States. This breed is a result of a mistake made by a housecleaner, I know this sounds crazy, but this is how it came into being. The girl left the door open accidentally, and the two kitties (Burmese and Persian) grasped the opportunity and produced the first Burmilla that soon became the newest breed. This beautiful breed is as glamorous as it sounds. 

Burmilla inherited all the positive attributes of Burmese and Persian, making this breed perfect. This rare treasure is sweet and kind, very affectionate with family, and tends to be friendly with strangers. Burmilla gets attached to other pets and people only when the introduction to them is provided carefully.

2. Serengeti Cat BreedTop Rare Cat Breeds

This new breed came into being intentional when Bengal was crossed with Oriental Shorthair. This breed is getting popular these days, but it is still a rare breed and is not very common. 

This kitty is famous for its incredible jumper, and you must say thanks to its longest legs than any other domesticated cat breed. This breed is also known for its lively nature and extreme agility. The bold spotted pattern of this feline resembles it with the African wild. This active feline craves for attention from its owner. She might be shy in the beginning, but once she gets to know- you are all for her. She is highly vocal and loves to chit chat with you, and tells you how her day was. 

3. Kurilian Bobtail Cat BreedTop Rare Cat Breeds

This rare natural breed came into being with zero assistance from humans; this is developed on its own. If you have the intention of adopting them, then you can find them in shelters and rescues. One of Kurilian’s attractive traits is that no two Bobtails are alike.

The Kurilian Bobtail is one of the perfect family cats and has a reputation for being adaptable and tolerant. It is a social feline and has a happy, playful side, and they keep on seeking for other pets to interact with them. When it is bedtime Kurilian will love to snuggle with you. 

4. American Wirehair Cat BreedTop Rare Cat Breeds

This rare breed began as a random mutation and turned out to be super unique, although it is one of the world’s most uncommon breeds. If you are planning to have this breed, then it would be a very different experience for you, as the hair shaft is fragile and it can be breakable, so while grooming it needs to be handled carefully. Some cats of this breed have oily skin and need to be bathed frequently.

As evident from the name, it has a wiry coat and wrinkled appearance. This powerful, muscular, and large breed has an absolute personality; without being hyper, they are active. They are not clingy but are highly affectionate and seek for their family. They want your attention, but still, they are great at entertaining themselves. They go well with children and other pets and also try to give them comfort and companionship.

5. Egyptian Mau Cat BreedTop Rare Cat Breeds

The Egyptian Mau is one of the oldest known rare cat breeds with natural spots on the body. This exotic breed has a history of being worshipped by kings and pharaohs, and their images are displayed in pyramids, this stands out it from other breeds.

This marvelous cat breed with a rich history is fiercely devoted to their closed ones. They have an active and energetic lifestyle which makes them incredible climbers and adores curling up in your lap. Their personality is friendly, but they always have one best friend who is their most favorite. Egyptian Mau is very talkative and will express their emotions in a pleasing voice. They may get shy and reserved in front of the guests. 

Adopting these rare cats will add another level of fun in your life. Let us know which cat breed you adore the most.

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