Top 7 Small Cat Breeds That You Will Adore The Most

Top Small Cat Breeds You will be amazed to know that an average cat spends 70% of their lives sleeping. Another surprising thing is that cats sweat through their paws. Small cat breeds have a separate kind of affection in our hearts. Teacup cats never stop to regard you and are perfect companions for your lap. We all love kittens, and when they grow up, we start missing our kittens. But don’t worry, some small cat breeds remain pocket size even after reaching their adulthood. Now check out these fantastic 7 small cat breeds and find out your favorite one among these. Also Read: The Best 7 Long Haired Cat Breeds That Will Be A Perfect Choice The Best 7 Long Haired Cat Breeds That Will Be A Perfect Choice

Small Cat Breeds

1. Singapura Cat BreedTop Small Cat Breeds

Singapura cat is most famous as the smallest breed of cats worldwide. The size of the cat is almost half of the typical cat. The Singapuras have a small body, but their body has a muscular frame. Their muscled body keeps them highly active and lively. They have beautiful green and big eyes that add a striking look to them. Their neck is short and thick and has big eyes. The coat is as soft as silk, and that causes you to love this small animal more. If you enjoy mischievous acts of your pet, then this small cat breed is best for you. Their athletic bodies make them climb more often.   Singapuras love to enjoy the company of other pets and people. These kittens are keenly observant and try to gather everyone’s attention by doing silly actions and continue such acts until adulthood. These small cats need a lot of attention, but most of the time remain quiet. They love to be cuddled and can be perfect pets for your child.

2. The Munchkin Cat BreedTop Small Cat Breeds

This breed of small cat is comparatively modern, and due to genetic mutation have incredibly short legs. The size of their body is not too small, but due to the less height of their shoulders, Munchkin is one of the most miniature breeds of small cats. The shorter legs of munchkins do not cause any hurdle in their activeness. The coats have different combinations of colors and patterns. The Munchkin cats are full of liveliness and briskness. They love to jump and play with everyone. They have big toes and never stop to open the doors and cabinets, so make sure to keep your things on a proper height. The good thing is that these small cats don’t need so much of your attention, but they express their feelings as they are very vocal. If you are going to have this little cat as a pet, this will be an excellent addition to your family.

3. Cornish Rex Cat BreedTop Small Cat Breeds

This young breed of small cat is popular because of their unusual coat. They have sharp oval eyes and ears similar to bats. The wavy coat of this breed distinguishes it from others. Some kittens have a flat at the time of birth skin, but as they proceed towards maturity, their skin becomes wavy again. One more incredible thing is that in comparison to other breeds, the Cornish shed less.  Their coat can have different colors and patterns according to that eye color change; it might be green, haze, or gold.The Cornish Rex is brilliant and is always looking forward to your affection. These cats are highly intelligent and confident to have a strong bond with their owner. The cats of this breed are highly active, have a good sense of humor, and are good learners. The Cornish Rex kept on doing kitten-like acts even after getting matured that keeps on adding fun in your life. This breed is the best common breed and is perfect for your child’s good friend.

4. Devon Rex Cat BreedTop Small Cat Breeds

The Devon Rex cats have round and prominent eyes and have extra-large ears as compared to their bodies. One of their unique characteristics is their curly coat that makes this small cat breed more distinctive.  Once you touch the super smooth coat of this cat, you can feel the waves rippling and observe different combinations of colors and patterns. If you are bored with your routine and want to have a good change, this pet is the best one, as this breed is all about people around them. The Devon Rex is less vocal but needs your attention more than any other breed. This pocket-sized breed will love to spend a lot on your lap and will keep on playing on your shoulders. For the families having children and cat-friendly dogs, this breed is a perfect choice.

5. American Curl Cat BreedTop Small Cat Breeds

This breed of small cat is known because of their ears curled towards the skull and their striking green eyes. At the time of the kitten’s birth, there is no curl of the ear, but it begins to curl after some days. The curl of the ear gets permanent shape after four months of birth. This breed has the most distinctive feature of curled ears and a silky coat. But their ears need some extra care of cleaning them to maintain hygiene. If you don’t have plenty of time, don’t worry; this breed is not going to ping you. This small cat doesn’t crave for your attention but loves to play with you and nap on your lap. They are easy-going, moderately active, but stay alert all the time. So you can always have a good time in their company.

6. Siamese Cat BreedTop Small Cat Breeds

This breed is the oldest breed of small cats with attractive blue eyes.  These cats are one in all and have gained fame in books and movies. Siamese cats are lightweight, with their weight less than 11 pounds.  The cats of this breed have almond-shaped eyes that give a beautiful view. Siamese has a short silky coat that is extra soft. Siamese cats are extra intelligent and are talkative. You must have stock for good toys to keep these cats busy; otherwise, they will keep on bothering you.  If you have a strict boss on your head, then this breed is not suitable for you. And if you have plenty of time for conversations, then this breed is the best one for you. These cats are addicted to playing; this keeps them happy and healthy. You must never leave your cat alone without any source of entertainment. At times you will be amazed to see the cats on your bed under the covers.The decent Siamese cat, when groomed, looks like he is all ready for an event.

7. Balinese Cat BreedTop Small Cat Breeds

This breed is named as Balinese because of the cultured dancers of the Island of Indonesia, Bali. These cats have the movements as graceful as those dancers. The Balinese cats are similar to Siamese except that they are long-haired. Balinese cats have extra-large ears and walk on the oval paw. Their body type is tubular, with front legs lower than the hind legs. Of all the small cat breeds, Balinese are supposed to be the most intelligent of all. They are accommodating, and they always have an eye on your activities. This breed of small cat is active and is an incredible jumper. Either you must keep your accessories aside, or else you are going to regret it.  Balinese always need a mind activity to play; if you fail to entertain them, he will take out some solution by himself that is riskier.   Of all these small cat breeds, which breed you want to have as a pet? And if you already have a pet tell us about your experience? Let us know in the comments. 

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