Top 8 Fluffy Cat Breeds That You Will Love to Have

Top Fluffy Cat Breeds Wants to have a real-life teddy bear to snuggle up with? The cuddly personality and soft fur of these fluffy cats guarantees to be your perfect companion. Nothing can get your heart racing except that fluffy monster. What can be more beautiful than running your fingers through the silky coat of your feline friend, but with that coat comes the greater responsibility of grooming your furry too. Grooming sessions must be done appropriately for them. Also Read: Top 5 Most Friendly Cat Breeds That Will Be Your Perfect Partner Top 5 Most Friendly Cat Breeds That Will Be Your Perfect Partner You might have noticed the difference in the coat of different cats of the same breeds this is because the skin of the cat has three layers, each having its function, the coating thickness, and fluffiness varies in each cat and this depends on the number of hairs on each sheet. 

Most Fluffy Cat Breeds!

If you are thinking of having a feline furry friend at your home to cuddle up with, then let me introduce you with some of the fluffiest cat breeds that will surely melt your heart.

1. Norwegian Forest CatTop Fluffy Cat Breeds

This relatively new breed with an incredibly fluffy body takes no time to hold our hearts. Norwegian cats, descended from wild cats living in the forest, are of considerable size with a long waterproof distinguishable double coat and that coat provides them with good insulation. Her fluffy coat is equally elegant and cozy at the same time, and this makes her stand out from others.  Norwegian gets mature slowly and attains proper size after some years. They usually are not very active but are intelligent and highly sensitive. The best thing is that we do not require a lot of grooming; a weekly combing session makes them look presentable.

2. Himalayan Cat BreedTop Fluffy Cat Breeds

This hybrid breed is a mix between Siamese and Persian, having an entirely glossy and long coat. Despite being having a lot of coats, it is super-soft to touch and snuggle up with. Deep blue eyes were taken from the heritage of the Siamese, and these characteristics add up beauty in this breed. This cat has robust power with moderate personality and dense bones with muscles. Out of affection, they are at times called ‘Himmies’, they are lovely indoor companions. They love to nap in their comfy bed and will sleep with their favorite person, as they become obsessed with a person they love. Himalayans do not enjoy super active pet friends, and instead, they like to have a calm and serene environment as they are not very vocal. 

3. Persian Cat BreedTop Fluffy Cat Breeds

Persian is the original fluffy breed being the most popular long-haired breed around the world. Because of their fancy fluffy, this classic beauty is renowned as a most loved breed, tagged with a title of No.1 breed in popularity. Their luxurious coat and sweet-tempered personality make them perfect partners.  This elegant feline is willing to grace your lap with their furry body. Persian love humans and are devoted to them; all you need to do is to earn their trust and love. They want your attention and will express to you openly if the required amount of affection they want is not received. These cats are very gentle and calm and not super active.

4. Maine Coon Cat BreedTop Fluffy Cat Breeds

This gentle giant is one of the largest cat breeds, also are super fluffy with thick fur even in paws that protects them from harsh weather. The long hair, luxurious coat and bushy tail of Maine’s make them fluffiest creature on this Earth. This breed is having a well-balanced appearance and is adapted to different environments and can endure harsh climate.  Maine Coon is highly social, extrovert, and breeds with high intellect. These animals are very affectionate and can be trained as per your choice. They are devoted to the humans and go exceptionally well with children and other pets.  

5. Ragdoll Cat BreedTop Fluffy Cat Breeds

The laidback personality of this fluffy breed never stops to melt our hearts. As you pick them up, they tend to limp on you completely. When you think about fluffy breeds, Ragdoll comes in mind naturally. You will love to run your fingers in the silky soft fur of this adorable cat having deep blue eyes.  They are known for their affection towards humans and will love to greet you in all the ways possible, trying to accompany their favorite person as long as they can. Ragdolls might be calm at one moment and aggressive at the other moment; moderation in their personality is maintained by involving this feline in different activities. These cats are best for the families living in apartments as they are easy to go and can be adjusted very swiftly.   If you are planning to cuddle with a friend and want to have pleasure time on bed after a hectic routine, then furry friends are best. Above mentioned are some of the most fluffy cat breeds that you will genuinely love. If you already have a friend, let us know about your experience in the comments.  

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