Turkish Angora-Everything You Need to Know About This Wonderful Cat

Turkish Angora Cat Breed Turkish Angora is a medium-sized graceful cat having a silky coat that shimmers as it moves. Because of its unique characteristics, the cat has won many awards, and now it is considered as a national treasure that must be preserved in all the possible ways. This is one of the natural breeds that was rooted in Turkey; for a long time, it was thought that Angoras are only white. Still, in reality, it has a variety of colors that includes Tortoiseshell, Calico, and Himalayan. These cats usually love to live in the homes where they get lots of attention and love. Angoras are a little bit needier than others and crave for the attention. Also Read: What to Know What Chimera Cat Really is? Here’s How. Want To Know What Chimera Cat Really Is? Here’s How!

History of Angora CatTurkish Angora Cat Breed

The name of this breed is originated from a city of Turkey, named Ankara that was previously known as Angora. This cat has been thought to be the first longhaired cats that arrive in Europe. In the zoo of Ankara, this breed is still maintained and is being praised. From Ankara, the first white cat was brought to Europe in 1520. the striking beauty of Turkish wasn’t praised there, and it was ignored soon become extinct in Europe. Another reason behind the ignorance received was that Angora was crossbred with Persian to improve the breed’s coat. Thanks to the zoo of Turkey, only because of that the breed is still in between us.   A unique breeding program was designed for conserving this species, that program still exists. After some time, these cats were considered as a national treasure.  After that, in the 1960s, a couple from Europe visited Turkey. They abruptly gave their heart to Turkish Angora and decided to bring these cats back to the US, they got permission, and then the cat was bred in the United States. 

Personality of Angora Cat:

Turkish Angora Cat Breed If you are new to this cat, then his intelligence and super dynamic nature will surprise you. The athletic nature of Angora finds no difficulty in reaching the top of a shelf or climbing on your shoulders.  Angora is a social cat that likes to spend time with people, but he loves his friends more. He prefers to spend most of his time at home and will keep on cuddling and hugging you. He is always active and the curious nature of him never stops to explore. He is extraordinarily talented, and this makes him entertaining at the same time. No matter what cost he has to pay, all he needs is your attention and love. You must be very patient while living with Turkey, as he may act like a stubborn child, but you won’t care that because of his charming personality. You will find him always seeking for some activity, so it is better to provide him with interactive toys or puzzle games that will keep him busy.  Their movement style is very graceful. These cats are enjoying talking with you and give a strong response. Angoras also enjoy swimming, but not all of them.

Physical Attributes of Angora Cat: Turkish Angora Cat Breed

The body of Angora is medium-sized, and it is longer. It has strong muscles and is bony. The Head is appropriately placed and is in proportion with the length of the body. The neck of the cat is thin and long while the chin is rounded and firm. The ears of Turkey are tall and pointed with almond-shaped slanted eyes that are expressive. The color of the eye has an extensive range. The hind legs are longer than the front ones, with small and rounded paws. The tail is brushy and has a narrow end. The length of the coat varies, and it has no undercoat, it is soft, silky and flows in motion. The coat of the Angora shines when it moves in his graceful style. The length of hair changes with the season, it goes thinner in the warmer season and thick in the cold season. The single coat makes the grooming and maintenance easier.  The color of Angoras varies it could be black and white, black, grey, or any other.

Quick Facts about Angora Cat:

Some of the exciting facts of Angoras will amaze you. Let’s have a look!
  • For a long time, all the longhaired cats were named as Angoras.
  • Only white cats were considered as Turkish Angora, but they come in many colors that include black angoras also. 
  • Some of the Turkish are still exported right away from Turkey. 
  • They are excellent swimmers and love to plunge with you in the bathtub. 
  • The marketing of this breed is done as ‘ Imported lines’.
  • Because of their personality, families will be more willing to spend time at home with them.
Which of the trait of this treasure inspire you the most? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.     

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