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Oriental Cat Breed
Catcuddling is the dream child of a devoted pet lover and was inspired by her special-needs feline, Mr Cuddling, who is our feline mascot. We are a registered charity as of July 2012 and are entirely volunteer-run.
Through our network of fosterers, we aim to offer the best possible home-from-home environment to cats in need of affection, attention, rehabilitation and a new loving home.


Our amazing, never-tiring, ever-ready volunteer team is our greatest and best asset; they are the spirit, strength and backbone of Catcuddling. Their contribution is priceless and commitment to our cause strong and lasting. They are passionate and protective of our felines and never compromise standards of care, welfare or facility hygiene. We are only interested in attracting more like-minded people to join our cheerful team, people full of ideas and a bit of regular time to devote to the kitties or promoting the work.

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