Everything You Need To Know About Cat Sleeping

Why do cats sleep so much?

Look around, and see where is your cat right now. I am sure your kitty must be taking a good nap or preparing herself for that. If there were a competition of sleeping, the expert sleepers would have brought medal at home because no one can beat them in this.

If you have a cat, you might have observed that the top priority of them is to get enough rest, they are always willing to have a good nap. Snoozing is in the cat’s genes.

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Why My Cat Snores? Is It Something To Worry About?

Are you curious about your cat’s behavior? If so, then go ahead, you will find many interesting facts about kitties and their naps. You need to dive in, to know that how much do cats sleep, why do cats sleep so much, and other questions that come in your mind naturally if your cat shuts his eyes more frequently. 

How Much Do Cats Sleep?Why do cats sleep so much?

This is the question that might be revolving in your mind for so long, but you can’t find an answer. Well, like humans, a cat’s sleep varies depending on his health, age, and nature because temperament and health of a cat are highly dependent on a cat’s breed.

You will be amazed to know that on average cats sleep for 15 hours within 24 hours, though they can tend to sleep up to 20 hours, which totally depends on the cat. 

When your cat is not adequately entertained with outdoor activities because of the weather, then you will notice an addition in his snuggling. Felines are equally affected by weather just like us, on a rainy or cold day when the weather calls them you will observe that dozing off is longer than usual. 

Have you ever woken up with the cat sleeping on your bed or your chest? This is just because they trust you and find their best companion in you. 

How Much Sleep Do Cats Really Need?Why do cats sleep so much?

The sleeping pattern of the cats is just because they are biologically programmed in this way. But it varies with age, health, and other factors, age being the most important.

Kittens, sleep a lot during 24 hours, when they grew up and come in their adolescent years then they become super active, and you will notice that sleeping pattern suddenly changes. As they proceed to the next stage that is ‘adult’ they have a moderate sleeping cycle as they started to schedule themselves. However, senior cats are somehow lethargic, and you will find them in a weak position anywhere.

You will be surprised to know that cats also see a dream, like humans, they also have good and bad dreams. If you notice that your cat’s paws are moving as they do while walking, then it depicts that he has a dream.

Why do cats sleep so much?Why do cats sleep so much?

You bought a new kitty at your home, a perfect addition to your family members, probably your cat is sleeping so much that you start thinking about some abnormality, but let me tell you that it is quite reasonable. If it is normal, then why do cats sleep so much? 

Cats usually sleep at day time and wander around at night. They are natural predators and their eyes having excellent eyesight cooperate with them to capture their prey at night. To hunt the cats need to have excess energy stored in their body, is there any other way of storing energy better than sleep? A good nap is compulsory for conserving energy and recharging for the next hunt.

 Surely you will have a domestic cat at home, but their genetics are not very different than wild cats. Your kitties might be eating delicious cat food served by his owner, and not interested in hunting but still, the biological impulse remains the same.

So, Energy conservation is the main reason behind the cats snuggling, and a feline can sleep for an extended period or just for brief moments. Recharging batteries on and off are very essential. 

What is Catnap?

What is Catnap?

The top sleeper of animal kingdom, cats, loves to have a reasonable short period of sleeping on and off. This animal is crepuscular, which means that they are active between dawn and dusk, and sleepy during day time. 

Catnaps are ideally between 10 to 20 minutes which enhances alertness, gives positive vibes, and sharpens the memory. Such naps are quiet healthier for the cats and boost them up. Cats have no problem snuggling up when they feel it. It is almost impossible to force a cat for sleeping, and he knows what his body needs. 

You will be surprised to know that this pattern of sleeping is named ‘catnap’ because when a cat is sleeping, it sounds like they are in a deep sleep but in actual they are just snoozing. One eye open or both eyes slightly opened shows that the cat is just having a good rest, and he will be abruptly active on any alert.

The cats are always on standby mode means they are always ready for action. A healthy cat goes to deep sleep just for hardly five minutes then he kept on dozing until he wakes up. Again this is their primal instinct and is in hereditary. 

Hopefully, you’ve got all the answers to your questions related to his dizziness, still if you have any curiosity feel free to ask in comments. Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends who are feline lovers. 

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